200hours Yoga Teacher Training

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Interested parties are welcomed to contact Faith if they are unable to make if for the above dates. Faith is open to start a new class whenever there are enough participants

Yoga Teacher Training Objectives:

• :: Intensive and carefully structured course to equip students with all the required skills to become a confident, internationally certified and successful yoga teacher

• :: Comprises of practical training in yogi philosophies, asanas, bandhas, pranayama, teaching skills, anatomy and physiology

• :: To equip trainees to have the confidence and be ready to teach real classes upon graduation based on feedbacks from lead trainers as well as other practitioners.

Admission & Application Guidelines

• + Minimum 1 year of regular practice

• + To apply or enquire, please email Faith at yoga@live.com.sg and include a picture of yourself in the following asana:

• + A forward bend

• + A backbend

• + An inversion of your own choice eg shoulderstand, plough, headstance etc.

• There must be at least 5 candidates to start the yoga teacher training programme. The number of candidates will be capped at 10.

Course Fees

• + $3299 (inclusive of all teacher training materials and certificate)

• + Full payment must be made upon registration

• + There will be no refunds for cancellations.