Little K turns 2months old today!

Time flies! My little K turns 2months old today. I can’t believe exactly 2months ago at this time I was still at home with an enormous belly timing my contractions and now I’m holding a-not-so small baby in my arms.

She wakes up this morning feeling super happy! Just seeing her happy never fails to brighten up my day. Probably because she was slightly overdue, little K already knew how to genuinely smile, responding to our play with her, by about 3 weeks old actually!

Little K growth speed has been incredibly fast. Besides physically, she has been growing in different aspects. Socially she’s able to respond to us by smiling and her different facial expressions as well as maintaining eye contact. Her favourite “toy” is the white curtains in our room which really excites her. Everyday without fail she spends a huge amount of time playing, kicking her arms and legs and talking to the curtains. LOL!

And oh boy, yesterday we took her out during dinner time and I’m surprised that she actually wants to eat our food! Her eyes were totally fixed on her dad who was happily eating away. She even moved her mouth and kept swallowing her own saliva. I’m actually impressed that babies can recognise and realise that our mouths have the same function as hers and that the objects we put into our mouth is food even though the only food she knows is milk! Haha sorry K but no solids for you until you are at least 4mths old!

Little K is also amazingly strong. Already for some time, shes able to lift her head up for more than 45degrees during her regular tummy time with daddy Willy 🙂

The past 2 months has been a growing and learning journey for not just little K, but for Willy and myself too. Being first time parents, we had almost zero knowledge on taking care of babies. But right now we are able to handle her on our own – from showering to feeding to tucking her to bed with ease. We have also brought her out on a few occasions on our own either driving on our own or using public transport !

I’m looking forward for achieving more milestones with Kay. Kay! Keep smiling and keep growing!

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