Visit to Pompompurin Cafe 

So when K turned 2months old, Godma Brillyn and Aunt Zihui decided it’s time to see K. We also decided that since its school holidays and  Elicia aka minmin had worked really hard for her PSLE this year, she deserved a treat too. 

Minmin is my eldest niece. We have always been very close since she was a baby. I spend alot of time with her and literally watch her grow up and love her like my own daughter. When she was 8, i started bringing her for yoga classes. She’s a very sensible girl and helps to look after K whenever she comes over.

So the day before the outing, I was quite nervous. This was going to be my first time bringing K out so far for so long without Willy. I started thinking how I should even bring her out. Basically there were 3 ways to bring her out.

1. Baby stroller

Pros: I don’t have to carry her when I’m walking around or eating and so it’s less tiring . I can even put my stuff on the stroller !

Cons: Walking through the mall and going up and down through escalator can be quite challenging especially if the mall is crowded. Also, what if K does not want to stay in the stroller??! I would have to carry her while pushing the stroller at the same time. oh God, just kill me then .

2. Baby carrier:

Pros: it’s pretty easy and convenient if she does stay inside.

Cons: I have never used it before so I’m not too sure if K actually wants to stay inside. Also, I’m not able to eat when she’s inside.

3. Baby sling

Pros: It’s super convenient – I can even breastfeed with her inside since I can cover her up with the sling. Eating while she is inside the sling is possible as well! Both Willy and i have tried it a few times as well.

Cons: Sometimes she doesn’t want to stay inside because it gets hot .

After thinking for like the whole night I finally decided to stick to the baby sling. Well in the worst case, Brillyn, Zihui and myself will just take turns to carry her! ehh we later found out zihui seriously doesn’t know how to carry a baby. LOL.

With Minmin’s help, we managed to reach Somerset via train! Everything went smoothly – little K did stay in the sling. She got hungry but not cranky about 20min after we hopped onto the train. I was able to successfully nurse her with her staying inside the sling! Phew!

Haha and we got lost at Somerset! It’s been a long long time since I been there. After walking round and round for a good 15min we finally found ourselves at Pompompurin Cafe!

The whole cafe is really cute and nicely decorated with pompompurin. Every table has a pretty big plush toy pompompurin sitting on it.. which Brillyn and I decided was taking out too much space.. and we got the waitress to remove it. Lol! The menu was again very attractive however we didn’t think there was much options. In the end, Brillyn ordered the Pompompurin beef stroganoff, minmin ordered a spaghetti prawns and tomatoes while I got myself a teriyaki chicken rice set. All 3 of us got their fruity garden mango juice.

Even though I am not a fan of all these cute cartoon, it felt almost weird to be eating them. The food was however quite delicious! Yummy! And the best part, little K was sleeping away almost throughout the whole lunch so I was able to eat in peace 🙂

Since Brillyn had to get back to work and minmin wanted to go Toys ‘r’ Us, we left the cafe fairly quickly after all of us finished the food. As a souvenir we took a picture with the Pompompurin tree.

Well so all in all, this was a pretty successful trip. Little K was quite cooperative most of the time and it seems that bringing the sling was not a bad choice. On a side note, because K likes to look at her surroundings, she doesn’t want to have her head inside the sling whenever she was awake. I ended up having to support her head most of the time with my left arm! My arms was super sore the next day. Thank goodness minmin helped me with my bag all the time. So maybe bringing a pram might not be a bad idea as well especially since Orchard seems pretty quiet on a weekday.

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