Caring for Kay – a meditative moment

It’s been some crazy busy weeks. My main caregivers -namely my parents and my sister, Francis, for Baby K went on a one week trip together. Even though Willy and i had always been taking care of little K on our own.. we were literally just taking care of her. This means that the daily household chores – cleaning of house, cooking, laundry etc were all done by my wonderful mama. And so this time round we were really left on our own. 

Thank God it’s the end of the year and Willy was able to take leave quite easily – managed to take 3 days out if the 5 they were away. As for me, being a yoga teacher meant that I had lots of flexibility (not just physical, haha) in my time management. And so start independence week.

Happiness is waking up to these 2 favourite persons of my life. Once upon a time, for a long time, I thought that waking up to Willy’s face was the happiest moment in my life. When little K came into my life, I realised that the happiness had doubled and seeing these 2 faces always make my day. Every morning I wake up extra early just to look at my precious darling.

I wish she stays happy like this forever. Even when sleeping she looks so blissful. Before the arrival of Baby K, I always find my peace from practising on the mat. With Baby K, I find myself almost impossible to get to the mat since I find it very selfish to leave her with my mum while I go out to ‘enjoy’ myself.

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. The truth is that the 1% theory happens on the mat and that the 99% happens out of the mat. Baby K allows me to truly practise that 99%. By focusing and channelling my energy on her, and staying present with her and on her, I find every waking moment so statisfying and so full of bliss. Every moment with her is a meditative moment. Yes I have lost some physical strength and probably flexibility with the arrival of Kay but I found my capacity for love and compassion growing so strong like never before. I have grown so much spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I hope Kay continues to be like what her Chinese name 施恩乐 implies – to give gratitude and joy to all around her, not just to me.

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