Kay has a skin disorder :(

And so K’s face started showing rashes.. I suspected it was heat rash. Every morning she woke up with clear, smooth skin but as the day goes by and the environmental temperature went up or when she got agitated, rashes would appear. The rashes also worsen on the side of the face that’s pressing against my chest everytime after nursing her.

Yes before dad left for his holiday, he did warn that all this patches of redness which had became rough to touch will need to somehow peel off before the smooth skin underneath could show… and Baby K will look very ugly for a while. I didn’t quite understand what he meant. But soon I was horrified to see my darling’s face looking so raw and angry looking. Honestly I was so so upset. I really wanted to cry! And I can so imagine and understand why some mummies can become depressed. My K wasn’t even fussing over her own face. She was still smiling and playing happily with me everyday but I just feel so painful for her!

And so on the 3rd day of my parents and Francis holiday, I decided that I needed to bring my baby K to see a doctor or to self medicate. From all the information that I could gather, willy and I were pretty sure that K was suffering from either hest rash, baby acne or eczema (which willy used to have and I totally blamed him for passing the bad genes to her!) We eliminated baby acne since it was only concentrated on one side of the face and worsens only when temperature changes. Whatever it was, everyone online, including Francis said that there was no need to see a doctor. It would soon go away on its own and it was really a common thing among babies 🙁

I was so close to self medicating her with either Mustela stelatopia cream or the Aveeno baby eczema cream. Both had really good reviews but both have had some mothers complaining that they burnt their babies skin so bad as well. Astrahabilladih!! Also after speaking to my student who is also a mum herself and strongly discouraged to self medicate… I finally decided to just stick to the safest choice – my own breastmilk. And.. it works!

Within a few days, her skin was completed cleared! Apparently breastmilk has antimicrobial as well as moisturising properties! Haha and it’s free and I have abundant of it. We are happy mother and daughter again!

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