Our first holiday with baby K – an eventful one!

This post is so late. It’s already first week of Feb and finally I have some time to update the blog. Initially I thought that things would get easier as she becomes older… wrong. Hahaha nonetheless I’m still enjoying every moment of my new role as a mummy.

And so we received the wedding invitation from Tony (willy’s cousin) and naturally we will be attending it. It is to be held at Balikpapan, Indonesia. Well Balikpapan is nowhere near Bali and it is nowhere like Bali. According to my deardear, it is nearer to Borneo  (??!) and is in (or near??) East Kalimantan. Well the point being Balikpapan is NOT a touristy place. My husband also said most people go there only for work trips, for oil and gas industry etc. Flights there are limited. Only Silkair flies direct there, with 3-4 flights per WEEK. Yes per week not per day. There are quite a few flights per day if you fly in via Jarkarta though. But yes I think we all get the point about Balikpapan already.

Our initial plan was to leave baby K in Singapore since she was only 3months old and neither one if us had been to Balikpapan, hence we were unsure if this place is actually baby-friendly. However baby K has became super sticky and clingy to me (or my boobs??) especially at night… and so my parents were not confident, reluctant, scared whatever you call it. Basically they meant that unless I could leave my boobs behind in Singapore, n0 way are they going to help me babysit her.

Even though it was only a short trip, preparations for the trip was pretty intense. We started packing about 1week prior to departure and had 2 big luggage with us. Also we went to the doctor to get medication for baby K in case of emergency. Just for baby K, we had with us:

  • At least 15sets of clothes including pyjamas and a variety of long and short sleeves to cater for different weather, in case she pooped or puked in her clothes.
  • Diapers
  • 3 types of wipes: normal wipes for nappy change, wipes for hand and mouth (food grade) and wipes for breast pump
  • Breast pumps
  • Milk bottles
  • Baby sling and wrap
  • Loads of mittens and socks and hats
  • Toiletries
  • Detergent for baby clothes
  • Thermometer
  • Medication – paracetamol, electrolytes and nose drip
  • Absorbent pads in case there’s no changing stations  (n yes there’s really no changing station)
  • Toys
  • Hand sanitizer

And so exactly on Baby K’s 100th day -6th Jan 2017, we set off on our first overseas trip as a family! Super excited but nervous at the same time!

Baby K was really cooperative! We timed our feeding times such that she would be asleep during taking off and landing time. Well she ended up sleeping the whole flight! Phew!

Check in at novotel was a breeze.. or rather Tony had already checked in for us. Baby K however did not like the hotel lift too much – I think she must have found it too dark and small. Anyway she cried the moment the door closed. Subsequently whenever we had to take the lift I had to keep entertaining her and keep her attention on me :/
Immediately after putting down our luggage we went straight to the hypermarket to get distilled water. 2 cartons of it – baby K was showered in distilled water. Even my pumps and milk bottles were sterilised and then rinsed again with distilled water.

And so Willy refused to buy a tub for baby K and insisted that she can fit into the sink. Lol!

Finally the big day came. I was really excited cause I could finally find a reason to dress my little precious up! We bought her a headband in balikpapan. Only cost us sgd2.50! Really value for money!!

My precious little girl and me!

Proud daddy and his date.

Happy family 🙂

Next morning baby K woke up at 7am. All was good. She even had a good time playing with her grandaunt before they left for singapore. Due to some miscommunication, everyone else was scheduled to return to Singapore on Monday except the 3 of us. We were totally cool about it thinking that we could just rest and relax for one more day before returning back to work. But no, we were so wrong. Things started going downhill from there onwards.

As our bathroom toilet bowl was clogged and the ceiling was beginning to leak, we decided to change our room. The water from the toilet bowl actually overflowed out onto the bathroom floor and the housekeepers simply used a BATH TOWEL to wipe off those water. Yes, they did not bother to clean nor disinfect the bathroom. I couldn’t help but kept imagining that I was stepping on sewage water whenever I entered the bathroom and that I was cross contaminating the entire room with the sewage water.

Finally we got our room changed at 9am. Baby K didn’t quite like the new room. Usually a happy baby, she started crying the moment she entered the room. I thought that she was tired and got willy to tuck her to bed for her nap while I went on to take my morning shower and to pack our stuff. At 11am Willy woke up with a terrible headache and found out that he had developed a fever. I quickly measured Baby K’s temperature and was shocked to see that her temperature was 38.8degrees! Immediately we fed her with the paracetamol that we have brought with us. But she really didn’t like it and vomited everything out! We also used the kool fever patch on her. Nothing seems to work! The temperature kept going up and stayed 40.2degrees despite us repeatedly feeding her with medication every 4-hourly sponging her all the time 🙁

Tony and his wife Shirley were still in Balikpapan. They were really nice and repeatedly called us to ensure that all was good on our side. However since they just got married, I guess willy didn’t want to disturb them and told them we were all okay. However by 6pm, baby K had became almost unresponsive. Even though she was still feeding well despite throwing up twice, she could barely open her eyes. She refused to be put down and had to be always carried. Occasionally she let out a few miserable moans with each moan getting softer than the previous one. By then I was already crying my heart out and pleading for her to wake up just to play with me. She finally opened her eyes and smiled for the first time since 11am and then closed her eyes again and went back to sleep!

Finally Tony and Shirley, together with Shirley’s parents came to visit us. Surprisingly when they entered our room, baby K seems to get better instantaneously! She managed to sit upright on my lap and started playing with them! What a relief! However we still decided to send her to a local hospital since baby K temperature was still very high.

My poor precious darling being sponged the whole day and finally being sent to the local hospital. 

Well, actually there was nothing much the doctor could do since she was still only 3 months old. They checked on her and suspected the fever was due to her chest being congested and hence gave her a nebulizer (?) And then they sent us back with 2 suppositories as standby. We were told to just observe (seriously observe what??! I have observed her temperature going up and up for past 12hours!). We were told to insert the suppository if the fever gets out of hand  (??!) Thank God however by then the fever somehow on its own went down to 38degrees already and so I left it as that and went back to the hotel to ‘observe’ 🙁

Strangely, when we got back to our hotel room, her temperature went up again and baby K started becoming unresponsive again! By then I was really suspecting  if it was the room. In any case there was nothing much I could do since it was already 2am in the morning and we were going to check out and return back the next day. We endured through the night. Willy was sick as well and went to sleep but I didn’t dare to close my eyes at all. I just kept checking baby K’s temperature and continuously sponged her to keep her temperature below 40degrees.

The next day we decided to give her a suppository before we check out. I seriously don’t know if it was the effects of the suppository pill or what, but just prior to us leaving the room, baby K was screaming and crying really badly. The moment however we reached the hotel lobby she was again cheery and happy! She was even okay with being left lying on the lobby sofa insteaf of us carrying her. The temperature again dropped substantially and by the time we reached balikpapan airport, her fever was completely gone. In fact she didn’t even look sick anymore!

Well whatever it was, we were happy to hop onto the plane and came back to Singapore safely. She’s all good now and is again a happy smiley baby!

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