Baby first food – Homemade recipes!

Really excited over starting baby K on solids! I have been counting down to her turning 4months old. Heh the recommended age to start babies on solids is between 4 to 6months and really depends on many factors. In general, the guidelines as to when  babies can try solids are:

  1. Head control – to be able to keep his head steady. This is important so that she doesn’t choke. Checked.
  2. Able to sit well when supported. Checked.
  3. Significant weight gain. It is recommended that she should have doubled her weight. Checked.. well this happened even before baby K turned 3months old ;p
  4. Curiosity about adults food. Again, at 2months she was already very curious. Checked.
  5. Loss of extrusion reflex. This means that she no longer pushes anything out of her mouth automatically. Well honestly I wasn’t too sure but I was too excited to try solids so.. hehe.

And so when Kay turned 4mths exactly, we decided to try feeding her with solids. Before that, we have this chinese tradition of letting her taste, not eat, a variety of food and according to my mom..

  • Water – to allow her to be eloquent
  • Chicken – also to speak well and have good mannerisms
  • Vegetables – to allow to have good health
  • And string of biscuits to wear – so that she wouldn’t drool so much!

Okay back to homemade recipes. I like the idea of making everything myself instead of buying ready-made baby food. And some of the reasons includes:

  1. More nutritious and better quality of ingredients ! I know exactly what i am feeding to baby K. And for sure its free of additives and thickening agents.
  2. More variety of textures and consistency. I can choose the texture I want and this brings me to the next point,
  3. Easier transition to solid food later since I can slowly adjust the consistency
  4. Cultivate healthy eating habits hopefully
  5. Environmental friendly since I won’t have to deal with all the packaging of the ready made food.
  6. Simple but fun! It is also heartwarming to know that every bite she takes contain my love 🙂

So other than the food ingredients which are so easily available, the only 2 things that I bought were:

1. A Philips pro blender V food processor just dedicated for preparation of Baby K’s food. I didn’t bother to buy a baby brand as I didn’t think it was necessary. I feel that a regular food processor is cheaper and much more lasting.

2. A Nuby freezer tray for storage of Baby food.

I got this from mothercare and it came with a lid which I really like. It is very convenient and allows me to prepare food in a batch. This means that I can prepare K’s food once every week or so and then pop them out to thaw whenever I need them.

I have tried feeding her 3 types of food. Each food was tried for 3 days to ensure that there was no allergic response or whatsoever.

  • Brown rice cereal
  1. Wash the brown rice and dry by stir-frying in a pan.
  2. Grind the brown rice with the blender until powder. You can keep the ground brown rice in an airtight glass container.
  3. Mix about 2 full teaspoons of ground brown rice with 100ml of water.
  4. Stir the mixture while cooking over low heat.
  5. Allow the mixture to boil and then simmer. Keep stirring all the time.
  6. Add milk or water to achieve desired consistency.

It is important to add the ground brown rice to room temperature water instead of boiling water. I tried adding the brown rice cereal to hot water on my first attempt as stated on some website.. but the cereal clumps immediately!

  • Banana puree
  1. Chop 2 banana into cubes.
  2. Add the banana cubes, 2-3 ice cubes together with about 50ml of water/milk to blend until puree.
  3. Add in water/milk to desired consistency.

Ice cubes were added when blending so that the banana would not turn dark! Remember heat is produced during blending!

  • Apple puree
  1. Cut the apple into slices
  2. Cover the apple slices completely  in about 100ml of water or less and boil under low heat until apple slices become very soft.
  3. Empty the apple slices together with the water it was boiled in, and blend.

Oh well the first few days was really chaotic. Food was all over the place – the food tray, baby chair, her bib and her face. The food kept dripping out. I was a bad feeder and she was an inexperienced eater! I wasn’t sure if she still had the extrusion reflex! Most of the food was definitely not in the mouth. But by day 5, both Baby K and I had improved significantly!! Hooray! Other than her mouth, everywhere else was quite clean and she finished out the bowl of food that I prepared quite quickly! Yay!! Success!

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