Babywearing yoga workshop

11th March is a pretty exciting  day. It’s the first time my baby K is doing a workshop with me – babywearing yoga workshop. By now she’s 5mths old. Even though we have been babywearing her since she was a newborn (we wore her on her discharge day and the nurses were very impressed with us since we were first time parents!), we had always used a sling. Both Willy and myself find the sling very easy to use. Nursing baby K is very convenient too and can be done very discreetly. Plus whenever we put her in cradle position, she falls asleep really fast.

The sling is so useful and convenient, we even brought it with us for our overseas trip.

But the sling is not safe for yoga because it only has one shoulder support. The carrier for babywearing yoga must be such that is has both shoulders support as well as a waist support. After much deliberation, I have finally chosen a woven wrap. Initially I wanted to get a stretchy wrap like Moby wrap. However I was advised by Sharinah the baby consultant that my baby would become too heavy for that in no time. A woven wrap, on the other hand would last me a long time. Finally I got myself a Oscha slings Eire Tollan Baby Wrap size 5 from Babybuys!

The thing with woven wrap is that it’s not as easy to wear as a carrier such as soft structured carrier – buckle and go. Instead some learning is required in order to tie the wrap securely. However once you get the hang of wrapping, it’s really so fun, convenient and versatile.  You can wrap your baby in so many ways – front, back and hip carry are all possible. Importantly you can use the same wrap from newborn all the way till toddler! Even though technically you kind of only need one wrap for a baby, but because there’s so many beautiful wraps out there, it’s so tempting to keep wanting to buy more!

The idea of doing babywearing yoga came to me one day when I was just googling around and chanced upon some babywearing fitness sites. And then I thought it would be so nice to do babywearing yoga with baby K. I have been doing yoga with her since she was in me and now that she’s out, it would be great to continue practising with her. Eventually will come the day when we can practice side by side! Also, babywearing yoga would be a good way for both of us to bond. Honestly I was kind of running out of meaningful things to do with her. Heh.

Well the first time I wore in my oscha wrap and tried to do yoga with her… it didn’t go too well. I think she was a little scared with all the bending. After a few poses which lasted for like probably 10min, she wanted out! Just enough time to take pictures for the poster. Lol

But.. I continued to practise yoga postures with her regularly when I wear her and soon she was getting really comfortable in them!

And despite all the babies didn’t have babywearing yoga experience, the yoga part of the workshop itself went pretty well! Doing yoga while wearing babies can be really challenging – even simple poses such as tree pose can be very physically demanding. Not only does the baby function as an additional weight, the fact that you are carrying your little one forces you to be 100% focused so as not to injure your little precious. This also means that you have to engage your strong core instead of relying on purely flexibility, and that mummies have to be very mindful of the alignment which executing the poses.

All the mummies had quite a bit of workout and loads of fun. The babies were also pretty happy!

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