Bikram challenge day 2:

Day 2: Back in 2014 when we took part in the bikram challenge, the daily challenge was making to the mat and the physical poses on the mat. Once the daily practice was over, it was time to celebrate knowing that the daily mission was completed. This time round, not only do i have to plan my time around to make it to the mat, I also want to make sure i could spend as much time with baby k as possible.
This morning for the first 30min of class, i found it so hard to focus on my breath. I kept thinking of my baby k, kept thinking of where to do my grocery shopping after class and what to cook for her. The struggle was real and I was getting annoyed by my own inability to focus. Suddenly it occurred to me that I should maybe just let my thoughts come and watch them instead of judging my own practice. And that really helps. Somewhere at the balancing series I found myself connecting with my breath again . Lesson learnt today: there is no such thing as a bad practice. So long you make the efforts to make it to the mat and try your best, every practice is a good practice 😉 I felt so happy after class!
And so immediately after the class, I went to do my grocery shopping. Reached home to see my happy smiling Kay and was in time to have lunch with her! Managed to spend a good 2hours playing and bonding with her before patting her for her afternoon nap. During her nap time i also quickly prepared her breadfasts for the next few days.
She woke up 30min before I had to go work! This was good! I really hate to leave for work when she’s sleeping because I imagine she would be sad to wake up finding that I have disappeared. Everyday if possible before I leave the house for whatever reason, I try to make sure i spend a good 10min hugging her and telling her where I would be and what time i had be home. Perhaps it sounds silly but i feel she does understand!
Tonight came home to find her already sleeping 🙁 shall try to rush home tmr to pat her to bed!

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