About Faith

IMG_20180810_101913_984My name is Faith. Not too long ago in Dec 2015, I got married to my husband Willy who has been together with me since year 2000. A month later, we found ourselves pregnant. Two years after baby Kay arrived, Kaizen came along as well. We stay with my beloved parents who lovingly help us to take care of Kay and Kaizen when Willy and I are out working. I have a wonderful brother Ken who has a very adorable son, Rio with his wife Jayce. I also have a supersonic strong (physically and mentally) sister Francis. In 2012 however God decided to take my awesome bro-in-law, Jacky back and Francis single-handedly brought up their 4 awesome and super cool kids: Elicia, Xanthia, Linette and Asher. Together we set up a small yoga studio in the north side of Singapore – Yoga Kula.

We started Yoga Kula in Sembawang – the only hot yoga studio in the north side of Singapore. Even though it was a small boutique studio, we were a very closely knitted community. Being the first and only yoga studio in the north, there were many beginners at first. Despite being located high up on a hill, we showed up daily on our mats. We started off as strangers practising side by side but soon as a community we grew and beautiful friendships blossomed.

Currently a mother of 2, beside spending time on the mat, I love my quality time with my family. In my free time, I love doing cooking and sewing – both which require deep focus and concentration – an experience which I find it similar to practising yoga asana.

I am also a yoga teacher. I first jumped onto the mat in year 2007 during a shopathon event to earn a chop on my gamecard! Subsequently, i got addicted to it and continue to practise hot yoga, ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. I am certified in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and firmly believe in: Keep practicing and all will come!

My classes focus on synchronizing breath with motions to help students achieve a state of moving meditation. Personally for me, practising yoga asanas is just a means to an end. Even though my classes are dynamic and fast-paced, my poses are always modified to ensure that all levels of students are challenged.

Right now, I conduct both private classes as well as group classes. If you would like to practice with me, do contact me for a one-to-one session or attend one of my classes at Kshala or my pop-up yoga in Yishun.