Bikram challenge day 2:

Day 2: Back in 2014 when we took part in the bikram challenge, the daily challenge was making to the mat and the physical poses on the mat. Once the daily practice was over, it was time to celebrate knowing that the daily mission was completed. This time round, not only do i have to plan my time around to make it to the mat, I also want to make sure i could spend as much time with baby k as possible. Continue reading

Bikram 30days challenge day 1

Time flies. It’s been so long since I last blogged. I was so busy. So many things have happened. One day I will blog all those that has happened over the past fee months: our taiwan trip, bintan trip, baby K’s first indoor playground trip as well as her first gym class.. bday celebrations etc.

Today is 1st Oct 2017. Baby Kay is officially 1year and 3days old. For the past one year, all my time has been spent either working (teaching yoga) or taking care of baby Kay. Time spent on mat was scarce and was possible only when my husband Willy is available on my off days to take care of Kay on my behalf. Continue reading

Babywearing yoga workshop

11th March is a pretty exciting  day. It’s the first time my baby K is doing a workshop with me – babywearing yoga workshop. By now she’s 5mths old. Even though we have been babywearing her since she was a newborn (we wore her on her discharge day and the nurses were very impressed with us since we were first time parents!), we had always used a sling. Both Willy and myself find the sling very easy to use. Nursing baby K is very convenient too and can be done very discreetly. Plus whenever we put her in cradle position, she falls asleep really fast. Continue reading

Our first holiday with baby K – an eventful one!

This post is so late. It’s already first week of Feb and finally I have some time to update the blog. Initially I thought that things would get easier as she becomes older… wrong. Hahaha nonetheless I’m still enjoying every moment of my new role as a mummy.

And so we received the wedding invitation from Tony (willy’s cousin) and naturally we will be attending it. It is to be held at Balikpapan, Indonesia. Well Balikpapan is nowhere near Bali and it is nowhere like Bali. According to my deardear, it is nearer to Borneo  (??!) and is in (or near??) East Kalimantan. Well the point being Balikpapan is NOT a touristy place. My husband also said most people go there only for work trips, for oil and gas industry etc. Flights there are limited. Only Silkair flies direct there, with 3-4 flights per WEEK. Yes per week not per day. There are quite a few flights per day if you fly in via Jarkarta though. But yes I think we all get the point about Balikpapan already. Continue reading

Kay has a skin disorder :(

And so K’s face started showing rashes.. I suspected it was heat rash. Every morning she woke up with clear, smooth skin but as the day goes by and the environmental temperature went up or when she got agitated, rashes would appear. The rashes also worsen on the side of the face that’s pressing against my chest everytime after nursing her. Continue reading

Caring for Kay – a meditative moment

It’s been some crazy busy weeks. My main caregivers -namely my parents and my sister, Francis, for Baby K went on a one week trip together. Even though Willy and i had always been taking care of little K on our own.. we were literally just taking care of her. This means that the daily household chores – cleaning of house, cooking, laundry etc were all done by my wonderful mama. And so this time round we were really left on our own.  Continue reading