Growing up… too fast

Little k wouldn’t sleep on her own. She always wants me to hold her in my arms to sleep… which honestly is something I really enjoy even though it means I can’t do anything else. Since the day she was born, my favourite pastime has become holding her in my arms and observing her, and feeling how blessed I am to have her in my life. I can do this all day long without feeling tired .  Continue reading

Be-omming mom

Everyone that I know had their babies out earlier than their EDD and so naturally I thought Kay would arrive early too. But I was so wrong… at first I was nervous and excited about welcoming K and then as the weeks went by I became quite frustrated. My belly was getting really huge but I was however thinking how much more my belly can stretch before the first stretch mark would appear… water retention although quite mild was starting to happen already! So far at week 40, my years of yoga practice seems to have fend off all the side effects of pregnancy: stretch marks, water retention, cramps etc. BUT as the weight piled, I was really wondering how much more can my body withstand??! I was also getting bored from staying at home and not being able to teach.  Continue reading