Kids Yoga

Our kids yoga classes creatively introduce poses and breathing to children. We float, grow and balance through this fun flow, building body awareness, confidence and strength. By exploring different yoga principles, we give kids tools to be successful both on and off the mats. We connect with the world through our practice on the mat, as well as creative projects. This is fun and high energy. This is kids yoga!

There are many benefits of kids yoga, some are listed below:

  • Build self-esteem and confidence in a holistic environment
  • Develop personal tools for stress management
  • Improve their physical health and bodies
  • Learn compassion and co-operation
  • Helps kids learn to focus
  • Enhances kids’ imaginations

Faith now brings kids yoga to daycare/ childcare centre. If you are keen to try out kids yoga at your centre, or even for a one time event such as kids birthday party, please contact Faith for more information.