Group Classes

The benefits of group classes are numerous, especially in a fast moving city like Singapore. Very often, we find ourselves being self-centred, very busy with our thoughts and agenda. All these serve as distractions which can prevent us from showing up on the mat.

In a community setting however, we are surrounded by fellow practitioners who are working to find the same energy to master the same yoga forms. There is thus now more support. Even though everyone is still practising individually on their mats, there is a common purpose and thus shared energy within the group under the guidance of one teacher/instructor.

Especially in Faith’s class, students often find it very easy to connect with her and other students through movement and breath. It is easy to feel this shared experience in Faith’s class where students enter the class as individuals but leaving the room as part of a community.

Do check up one of Faith’s group class at her pop-up classes. Private group or corporate classes are welcomed too. Drop us an email now for more information.